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We use various insurance products to ensure adequate cover for our clients, each client has their own needs, ranging from company risk protection analysis to setting up your own insurance programme, we can cover it all. We provide access to the use of cell captives and see real value for them in the insurance industry. A cell captive is a ring-fenced structure created within a chosen insurer. They allow the cell captive owner to underwrite an agreed class of insurance applicable to your business. We develop the product specific to our clients needs, package and provide on going relationship handling and support.

In 2010 cell captives contributed to 11,4% of the South African Insurance industry’s gross premium income, so they are seen as a valuable tool to provide insurance to the market. A cell captive can be used to enable self-insurance within a company, managing its own assets or other loss exposures and to access appropriate re insurance markets. In our case we develop cell captives to be used by our clients to write third party business allowing the insurance owner to participate in the insurance risk, it is supported by his own capital and benefits from future underwriting profits.

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