Why Magnacorp?
Why Magnacorp Solutions?
  Why Magnacorp?  
Our primary role is to develop the insurance programme around our client’s needs. By using insurance products we can reduce business and personal risks, depending on the client, we can use traditional insurance and risk financing structures to offer different types of risk protection. We provide guidance and ensure that all parties stay within the legislative and with outsourced partners we assist with compliance regulatory requirements.

Along with treating our customers fairly and providing adequate information about our products, we always ensure that our clients have all the necessary tools to make an informed decision.

We can also provide the following;
  • Develop the insurance products around the business
  • Provide a client specific business plan
  • Detail all roles and responsibilities
  • Develop wordings and documentation
  • Set up the insurance product or cell captive with insurers
  • Provide and finalise agreements
  • Keep clients abreast of all regulatory requirements
  • Offer supporting binder functions to clients
  • Assist with individual advice giving functions to customers
  • Assist with the product roll out plans
  • Train staff upfront on the product
  • Develop insurance processes with the business
  • Facilitate premium collection facilities
  • Financial reporting and management
  • Provide outsourced assistance and funeral products
  • Set up outsourced call centres for effective service